The rooms are located in the main harbor of Skyros, Linaria, which is a small one but with a lot of character. It also acts as the tourist marina, so the scenery is constantly changing between traditional fishing vessels, big yaghts and smaller sail boats.
Linaria is one of the most organised and clean ports in Greece, an everlasting effort that has been rewarded in the past few years threw various awards. Most time during the day is fairly quiet and relaxing, and by night it transforms into a beautiful walkabout, with the submerged lights giving a special aura, and open theater plays or movie screenings that take place during the summertime. There are many options regarding eating some local specialties, drinking some ouzo by the sea or shopping from the local groceries store.
There are daily buses (usually corresponding with the arrival times of the ferry) that go to the main establishment of the island (located in the north of the island, approximately 11km away, called Chora) and the airport, as well as taxis. There are some beaches that you can walk to, both organised and not. Also this harbor, is the starting point for daily boat cruises, that take you on a tour around the island, and enable you to witness the magnificent caves and virgin beaches.


  • Gas station
  • Rent scooter
  • Free Trailer Parking
  • Bakery
  • Marine Tour Departures
  • Diving Excursions
  • Sailboats/Yachts Marina
  • Free Public Parking
  • Performance Arts/Movie screenings




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